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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First !

I'm not actually starting blogging. No. Really. I swear.

Blogs are the tool of the devil. Or possibly communism. Or something else. But they're definitely evil. They're doing more damage to geek productivity (which was pretty bad even in BBS times) than anything else currently on the internet, and that's saying a lot. (Youtube anyone ? or World of Warcraft ?) So I won't add to the infamy by posting mindless drivel about myself which nobody would ever read anyway except as an exercise in procrastination.

The reason I'm starting this has nothing to do with a need to "express myself creatively". I'm only trying to avoid alienating people I might one day want to borrow money from / ask for a job / sleep with.

Let me explain : I spend quite a lot of time surfing the web. And whenever I find something interesting, I tend to mail it to a few people, because I want them to share on the fun. Of course, besides being a huge waste of time, this has the major problem that what I find interesting might not always be so, especially when it's four in the morning where anything looks kinda interesting. So I end up having a lot of IM conversations that go something like this :

- Did you see that YouTube link I sent you about Urine Control ?
- Hum, yeah, I guess so.
- A bit stupid but good, hey ?
- No. Just stupid. What were you thinking sending me this crap ??
- hum... sorry :-$

That's why I've now taken a big decision : instead of mailing useless crap to busy people, I'll waste none time but my own posting them on this blog instead. Whenever you feel like being unproductive for a while, feel free to visit here and have some fun. I'll try to make it (not) worth your while ;-)

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